Healthy Workplaces

Many of us spend more time at work than we’d like to, so workplace health is really important. 

Healthy workplaces are not just important for employees, but also help employers reduce sickness absence and productivity.  On average, employers lose 5.7 days in the private sector to sickness absence, but some more are absent more than others.  Take two examples from recent NICE Guidance on workplace health…

Obesity: On average, obese people take 4 extra sick days per year. In an organisation of 1000 employees who work the national average week of 39.1 hours and are paid the national average hourly wage of £15.52, this equates to more than £126,000 a year in lost productivity.

Smoking: On average, a person who smokes will have 33 more hours off sick per year than a non-smoker. For an organisation of 1000, in which 25% smoke and are paid the national average hourly wage of £15.52, this absence equates to a loss of more than £128,000 a year.

Employers can use this interactive tool to work out the costs of poor employee health to their organisation and create a business case for taking action.

In Bracknell Forest we are inviting all of our local workplaces to look at what they can do to improve their employees' health.  This may include promoting physical activity in the workplace and making sure any employees with a long term health condition are properly looked after while at work.  We’ll also be giving employees advice on how to stay healthy at work.

If you need any advice or help to set up a health related initiative – then we can help.  For example, we can arrange some workplace health checks for your staff, set up a stop smoking group, or maybe set up a referral scheme to our weight management programme.

Just get in touch if you’d like to know more.  Email us at or call 01344 355219