Earn your group a £££ reward!

If your group helps people Get Active, Connected, Learning and/or Creative so they can live a happier life for longer, then you could win one of three cash prizes:

My life, my voice, my choice - MCA10

Everyone should have the right to make their own choices and live the life they choose.


BRAND NEW Checkmates courses for Bracknell Forest residents in Bracknell library, Sandhurst library and Crowthorne library, starting in September. Details can be seen below:

Checkmates Bracknell

WOW, didn't you do well!

Have you taken part in the Bracknell Forest Society's Week of Walks this week, celebrating the borough's 80 green open spaces? If so, you can download your certificate here!

The Benefits of Intergenerational Projects

The Benefits of Intergenerational Projects – Bringing old and young together